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  Meet Vivi !

National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc.'s little Miss Vivi most certainly has good reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving, along with all of us with NBGR who are so very grateful to the Hanson family for welcoming this little darling into their family!

Please join us in congratulating Miss Vivi on her brand new happily ever after ending, and thanking the Hanson family for showering her with all the love, happiness, and comforts this little girl could have hoped for!

We know nothing of Vivi's past other than she was picked up by animal control in the St. Louis area as a stray with no collar and ID or micro chip. Her sweet disposition and being perfectly house trained made it obvious she had been loved dearly by someone in her past, but unfortunately no one showed up at the shelter looking for her.

Vivi's first foster mom was a shelter volunteer, and came very close to adopting her, but decided if she did that it would limit her ability to foster other shelter dogs in need, so the decision was made that she be transferred to foster care with NBGR.

At this point NBGR's amazing volunteer and foster mom Michelle Hanson sprang into action. She drove the 8 plus hour round trip from southwest Missouri to St. Louis to pick up Miss Vivi. It was love at first sight, and we have a hunch the minute Vivi walked into the Hanson home this adorable little girl made the decision that her first course of action was to convince the Hanson's she was the perfect new addition for them! It didn't take long for her to do just that.

In the interim it was discovered that Vivi has a suspicious lump deeply embedded in the muscle near her rectum, which would require a specialty surgeon to remove. Normally NBGR would elect to have the surgery done, however it was also discovered Vivi has cardiac issues which would make putting her under anesthesia very dangerous.

We considered having a needle aspiration done to determine if the lump is cancerous, however after consultations with several vets and vet techs we decided against it because if it is cancer, the needle aspiration could make the growth angry and any possible cancer more aggressive.

Because Vivi is not a good candidate for surgery there would be no point in making the growth angry and possibly shortening her life. At 10+ years of age we want to assure Vivi has the best quality of life for as long as possible, so after much discussion it was determined the best course of action was to leave well enough alone.

The good news is Little Miss Vivi so far is showing no signs that the lump is growing or other indications she might be sick. In the meantime, Michelle and the rest of the Hanson family have fallen head over heels in love with this sweet girl (just as Vivi planned all along), so earlier this month Vivi officially became a life long member of the Hanson family!

We wish Miss Vivi and the Hanson family many years of love and happiness with our sweet girl! Most of all we thank the Hansons for making all of Vivi's dreams for a family of her very own come true!

Here are some cute videos of Vivi: video 1, video 2.

November 21, 2018


Vivi has been Adopted!

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