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  Meet Vivi & Shep!
(#3342 & #3341)

On November 3, 2015, the Lancaster (Texas) Animal Shelter received two Brussels Griffons who were found as strays. Usually stray Griffs are matted, flea-ridden, thin, and obviously not well cared for. The opposite was true in Vivi and Shep’s case. They were both freshly groomed, well-mannered, (overly) well-fed, walked beautifully on leash, and were crate-trained and house-trained.

We knew there had to be a family frantically looking for them so we put out fliers; contacted area groomers, vet clinics, and shelters; posted on Facebook Griffy pages, Lost/Found dog pages, and Craig’s List; and we looked everywhere in the area for “Lost” fliers.

We found nothing -- not one single inquiry, not one poster. We were heartbroken for these two. The only reason we could imagine that no one was looking for them was that their owner must have died and whoever was supposed to care for them just let them out to fend for themselves.

So now we have two wonderful Griffs looking for a fresh start with a new family. These two are obviously bonded, so it is our wish to place them together in a home.


I am a lady at heart. I walk gently and tune into you with my lovely eyes. I also have a beautiful smile. While I really like to be in the same room with my human, I do not have to be right up in your face or your lap. Do not get me wrong, I do love affection. Just speak to me reassuringly and love on me, and I am a happy girl.

I am very well potty trained. I tend to follow my buddy, Shep.

A little girl came to visit my foster home, and I was so very happy to see her. My little tail nub just wagged and wagged, and I wanted to play with her. I could barely sit still because I was so happy to have a young visitor.


While I keep a serious face, I am gentle and kind. I look for kind reassurance and am happy with eye contact and a pat on the head or side.

Vivi and I are tight, bonded, two peas in a pod. We share a big crate and sleep together. We also like to get up on the love seat and snuggle together. (Sometimes, I need a little boost up there.)

While I am a little round, I am working on getting more fit. Vivi and I like to take walks. We are really good on leash.

We have a story; we just don't know how to share it. Our eyes convey a lot of wisdom and desire to trust. We do not require much; we just would really love to stay together.

Both Viv & Shep are fully vetted, approximately 5 – 6 years old, weigh about 27 lbs. and are ready to meet their new family. Do you have space in your heart and home for these two? At one time they were loved, well cared for and their previous owner did a wonderful job of raising them. Let’s find that special home where they can continue their lives as a pair.

Vivi & Shep are located near Dallas, TX.

If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application. If you would like more information, please contact Connie Lawrence at conniel@andell.com.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

March 20, 2016


Vivi & Shep have been Adopted!

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