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  Meet Trixie & Lexi!
(#3436 and #3437)

Sadly, Trixie passed away on January 8, 2020

Our adorable little Trixie & Lexi have been placed in our PAWS OF WINTER SENIOR & SPECIAL NEEDS program. They are available for virtual adoption only.

You can help with their on going medical needs by making a tax deductible donation specifying a one time, monthly, or annual donation under the Paws of Winter General fund or on a recurring basis under Paws of Winter Virtual Caregiver Recurring. Please note your donation is for Trixie #3436 & Lexi #3437. If you prefer, you can make a general donation to NBGR to help cover medical expenses for other Griffs in our care at the same link.


Trixie (13 yrs old) & Lexi (10 yrs old) are an irresistibly cute mother/daughter duo who came to NBGR in February 2017 with Mikey and Kiko from a Mississippi puppy mill. All 4 came to us heart worm positive with numerous deep rooted fear related behavior issues, which is typical of many mill survivors who were deprived of normal socialization early in their lives and enduring years of neglect.

Of the 4 Mississippi mill survivors, only 1 was able to progress to the point where he could be placed with an adoptive family. That lucky boy was 11 year old Kiko. Tragically, despite treatment for heart worms, he succumbed to heart and kidney disease early in October 2018 secondary to living most of his life heart worm positive, but not before he came to know love and how to freely give love in return with his foster family, and later his adoptive family who loved him very much.

Despite their tragic beginnings, Trixie & Lexi are slowly learning to accept and give love in return. They adore their foster mom and have formed a very close bond with her. They enjoy snuggling on the couch with her and in the big bed at night, but sadly remain extremely fearful of men, children, and panic in any new environment they might be exposed to. Little Lexi is very anxious when out doors, and has proven to be an adept little escape artist when in panic mode.

Both girls have been treated for heart worms. Trixie suffers from hearing loss, frequent ear infections, and pulmonary hypertension, which may be a side effect of age and being heart worm positive most of her life. In May of 2018 it was discovered Trixie had a cancerous tumor on her tail. We opted to have her tail amputated in an effort to save her life.

The surgeons felt they had clean margins after amputating her tail and could find no residual cancer, however it is likely new cancerous growths will occur in other parts of her body over time. For this reason, she goes in for cancer rechecks every 3 months.

It has been a long, tragic,and tumultuous road for Trixie & Lexi, and despite our best efforts they continue to experience fear related PTSD type behavior from their earlier life at the puppy mill, and on going medical issues. They will never be candidates for adoption, but they have found love on their own terms and a feeling of security with their amazing and very patient foster mom, so the decision was made to allow them to live out their lives in her loving care where they feel most comfortable.

Trixie and Lexi are being fostered in Columbia, MO.

Questions related to Trixie & Lexi may be directed to Jan at nbgrtexas@yahoo.com.

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