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  Meet Trixie & Lexi!
(#3436 and #3437)

NBGR pleased to introduce Trixie & Lexi - two ever so sweet little ladies who are being fostered in a private home in Springfield, MO. This adorable very bonded mother-daughter duo is looking for a preferably female, adult only home, experienced in helping puppy mill survivors put the nightmares of their tragic past behind them, and patient enough to allow them all the time they need to learn this brand new world is full of love, security, and many happy tomorrows! Because they are definite flight risks, they will require a home with very secure backyard fencing to allow them to safely explore outside off lead - something they never experienced at the mill, and is now one of their very favorite activities every day!

Trixie and Lexi came to us in late February from a Mississippi puppy mill along with Kiko & Mikey. Unfortunately, the boys arrived heart worm positive, and are undergoing heart worm treatment. They will not be available for adoption until Fall. Despite their sad beginnings, all 4 Griffs are as sweet as can be, and eager to learn all about life outside a commercial breeding facility.

Already the girls have come a long way in acclimating to their new life. They are 98% reliably house trained during the day as long as they are allowed to go outside every 2-3 hours. At night they wear doggy diapers - just in case. Usually they are dry in the morning. They will go in an xpen or crate with no complaints at night, but we know they would prefer sleeping in the big bed with their new family.

They do fairly well on lead if they are walked together on a leash coupler, and are polite car riders in the back seat attached to the seat belt with a doggy safety belt. They completely relax during bath time if they are gently massaged, and stand very patiently when groomed.

It is normal for mill survivors to be afraid of open doors, especially if someone is holding the door open. Trixie is a little more confident, and will now go through open doors with someone standing there. Lexi will come through the door if it is propped open and she cannot see anyone, then she will scurry in looking for Trixie. If you are sitting on the floor waiting for her, she will eagerly come over to you for snuggles and kisses - her sweet little face is sure to melt your heart!

While the girls are learning to trust people and obviously enjoy the attention they receive, they remain very dependent on each other, and no doubt will be for the rest of their lives. When sleeping they can always be found on one of the dog beds curled up with each other. If one approaches for attention, the other is not far behind - where one goes - the other is sure to follow.

One thing we know about puppy mill survivors is when they bond with their family, the bond is much stronger than one with a dog who has never known a bad day in their life. These dogs with tragic pasts seem to understand what they did not have before, so when they finally feel safe and loved, they hold onto that family with every bit of their being - and who does not want to be loved like that?

Both girls have been spayed, all vaccinations are up to date, they've had recent dentals, complete blood panels, are heart worm negative, on monthly heart worm preventative, and micro chipped. All they need now is your love!

Trixie is 10 years old and 15 lbs. - Lexi is 7 years old and 12 lbs.

We always give preference to adoption applications from families who live within reasonable driving distance of where the dog is being fostered because if for any reason the placement does not work out, it is less stressful for the Griff to be returned to the foster family that dog has previously bonded with. However, if an applicant from outside the area is approved to adopt, they must drive to where the dog is located or fly. If flying the Griff must fly in the cabin of the plane with his/her new family. We never ship our rescued Griffs, or allow them to fly via cargo.

Trixie and Lexi are being fostered in Springfield, MO.

If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application. If you would like more information, please contact Jan at nbgrtexas@yahoo.com.

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