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  Meet Patty!


The round blue Paws of Winter Senior & Special Care logo by Patty's name means she has been given the status of NBGR "Forever Foster" and will live out her life with her foster family, however on going donations are needed to help us continue to cover their veterinary expenses.

Virtual adoption offers an opportunity for others to provide tax deductible monetary donations which help us help senior or special needs dogs who are not appropriate for placement in an adoptive home, so will remain with the foster families who love them, and NBGR will continue to cover any veterinary needs for the rest of the dog's life.

NBGR has a number of senior or special needs dogs who have settled in with their foster families, and it is very doubtful the right adoptive family can be found for these dogs and/or a change of environment would affect these dogs negatively.

Thankfully their foster families are willing to keep these dogs as a "forever foster" and we are very grateful to these individuals.

Would you like to become a virtual Paws of Winter Senior & Special Care supporter?

1) Please visit our Paws of Winter Facebook Page. Look for the blue griff logo to identify those dogs who are in need of a Virtual Caregiver. These dogs are not available for adoption, but will need on going veterinary care. Your donations will help us help these special Griffs.

2) Go to our Paws of Winter Donation link

Scroll down to the Paws of Winter donation form. Please indicate if your donation is one time or reoccurring. Any amount large or small will be greatly appreciated.

All of us with National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc.'s Paws of Winter Senior & Special Need program thank you in advance, and if the precious senior and special needs Griffs in forever foster care could, they would thank you from the bottom of their little hearts too!


Little Miss Patty came to National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc.'s Paws of Winter Senior & Special Care program from a hoarding situation with another little Griff name Zoe, who despite being 4 years younger than Patty, sadly succumbed to the ravages of years of neglect despite heroic efforts by her foster mom & dad and the veterinarians attending to her multiple life threatening medical issues.

To date, NBGR has paid close to $4000 in veterinary expenses on the girls within a matter of months, and the bills will continue to mount steadily due to Patty's on going medical needs for the rest of her life.

As you can imagine, 14 year old Patty was lost and heart broken after losing her life long best friend Zoe so soon after arriving in her new foster home. To this day, she continues to sleep in Zoe's bed for comfort.

14 yr old - 13 lb Patty is completely blind and requires drops several times a day to keep infections and her eye pressure under control. She came to rescue with only 2 teeth and 1 of them was loose.

Because she was missing so many teeth and had such bad decay, her face is now deformed. Her nose is off center, and her facial bone is caved in. The vet stated that the reason her tongue hangs out most of the time, is there is nothing keeping it in. That’s okay with us. We think she's perfect just the way she is!

Patty's medical team also discovered she had an abscess, causing a hole in her pallet, that went up into her nasal cavity, and had 2 teeth in dire need of removal.

She also, has chronic kidney disease like her best friend Zoe, so she is on a prescription diet as well as receiving subcutaneous fluids 2-3 times a week to help with her kidney function.

She has an enlarged heart and a heart murmur, and is on meds for that. In addition, her liver values are poor requiring medication to address that life threatening issue also.

And if all that was not enough, she has also developed fluid on her lungs and around her heart, and is now on medication to help that condition from worsening.

Since coming to NBGR's Paws of Winter Senior & Special Needs program, she has undergone extensive tests, xrays, ultrasounds, multiple medical procedures, and is currently on a long list of medications for her health issues.

Yes, this poor girl is a hot mess! But despite her health issues, she is one feisty girl. If she doesn’t want to do something, she will fight you with all her little 13 lb might! She enjoys cuddle time and having her belly rubbed. We are working on her social skills.

She was comfortable around her best friend Zoe and liked cuddling up to her in Zoe’s “big bed”, but now that Zoe is gone, and with her loss of vision, she is hesitant and a little skittish.

You can’t blame the girl for having a bit of an attitude. She's been through quite a lot in her lifetime, and most of it was not good.

But when she is hungry, she gets sassy and isn’t afraid to let you know it! She barks, she kicks her legs like she’s a bull getting ready to charge. It is just the cutest thing ever, and it takes all we have not to laugh. She is a big personality in a small package, and we wouldn’t want her any other way.

We are so very grateful to Patty's forever foster family for providing her with the best life possible despite her multiple medical issues.

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