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  Meet Lulu and Coco!
(#3417 and #3416)

UPDATE: We are sad to say that Coco’s health issues increased and the decision was made that she should not suffer any longer. It was a terribly hard decision to make but it was her time. Her foster dad writes: “The world has lost a beautiful little soul and we have lost our special little clown. “ We thank Don and Malcolm for fostering this lovely girl – the people who foster these special senior Paws of Winter griffs are very dear to NBGR but as most senior dog lovers say – even though their lives are not as long as we would wish – it’s worth every second for the love these precious senior dogs give back. Little Lulu has been missing her sister and searches for her every morning – but we hope she will adapt.

Lulu and Coco are littermates. They had never been apart. When their owner developed Alzheimer’s disease and had to go into a nursing home something had to be done about Coco and Lulu. Their owner’s granddaughter very kindly took them in but then her husband died unexpectedly and the family was at the end of its rope. Sadly, they realized that they would have to give up the Girls (as we call them) and they called NBGR.

Although they are relatively young (they are only 10) Lulu and Coco have serious health issues. Both Lulu and Coco have enlarged hearts and are entering the last stages of congestive heart failure for which they take expensive medications daily and which they will need for the rest of their lives. Lulu is blind in one eye, has dementia and lately has become completely incontinent (her foster parents have rigged up festive little diapers for her with velcro suspenders which she doesn’t like very much but puts up with). She also has ceased to produce tears in her left eye and needs constant eye lubrication drops. Coco is profoundly deaf. She also has a collapsed trachea which makes it difficult for her to breathe. Anxiety makes this worse so she takes anti-anxiety medication, as well her heart medications.

All that being said, both the Girls are happy little troopers. They both have great appetites and their foster parents make their breakfasts and dinners every day with roasted chicken and vegetables and some kibble. Lulu, although a little crazy, is scary smart; Coco is a bit dim but very, very loving and sweet and snorts like a little pot-bellied pig when there is a door closed and she thinks one of her fosters is on the other side. When they come out of the door Coco is there lying in wait and immediately rolls on her back for a belly rub.

Both Girls love their morning walks with their step-brother, Gizmo, although they have to take frequent rest stops. Coco loves to crawl across wet grass which has just been watered. Lulu, likes to solve puzzles. Her favorite thing is, when she thinks no one’s looking, to figure out how to climb on things (like tables — her foster parents learned early on not to put baked goods [fruitcakes, for example] on the table to cool as they ended up in Lulu’s bed.) Coco loves to play hide and seek and will crawl under any kind of drapery or bed skirt then burst out with what looks for all the world like a happy little grin and a giggle. These little girls are probably, sadly, at the end of their lives but, for now at least, they are happy and full of joy. We thank their foster parents for caring for them so lovingly. We could not do it without people willing to devote themselves to these lovely older dogs.

Coco and Lulu are long term fosters in NBGR -- and they have been with us for almost 2 years — and if you would like to be their virtual adopter you can contribute to their care with monthly or annual donations under Paws of Winter General fund or on a recurring basis under Paws of Winter Virtual Caregiver – Recurring. Either way, please note your donation is for Lulu #3417 and/or Coco #3416.

If you have questions about Coco or Lulu please email Vicki at vboneill@optonline.net.

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