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  Meet Levi & Miley!
(#3420 and #3421)


The round blue Paws of Winter Senior & Special Care logo by Levi & Miley's name means they have been given the status of NBGR "Forever Fosters" and will live out their lives with their foster family, however on going donations are needed to help us continue to cover their veterinary expenses.

Virtual adoption offers an opportunity for others to provide tax deductible monetary donations which help us help senior or special needs dogs who are not appropriate for placement in an adoptive home, so will remain with the foster families who love them, and NBGR will continue to cover any veterinary needs for the rest of the dog's life.

NBGR has a number of senior or special needs dogs who have settled in with their foster families, and it is very doubtful the right adoptive family can be found for these dogs and/or a change of environment would affect these dogs negatively.

Thankfully their foster families are willing to keep these dogs as a "forever foster" and we are very grateful to these individuals.

Would you like to become a virtual Paws of Winter Senior & Special Care supporter?

1) Please visit our Paws of Winter Facebook Page. Look for the blue griff logo to identify those dogs who are in need of a Virtual Caregiver. These dogs are not available for adoption, but will need on going veterinary care. Your donations will help us help these special Griffs.

2) Go to our Paws of Winter Donation link

Scroll down to the Paws of Winter donation form. Please indicate if your donation is one time or reoccurring. Any amount large or small will be greatly appreciated.

All of us with National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc.'s Paws of Winter Senior & Special Need program thank you in advance, and if the precious senior and special needs Griffs in forever foster care could, they would thank you from the bottom of their little hearts too!


Levi & Miley were relinquished to NBGR in 2016. These two adorable senior Griffs are childhood sweethearts who met and fell in love at the tender age of just 10 weeks, and have been like two peas in a pod ever since. They continue to be as crazy in love with each other as the first day they met, and look forward to spending their twilight years together!

Levi (belge rough coat with a dark mask) is a very happy, well adjusted, happy go lucky, out going little fellow who loves to snuggle with his foster mom every chance he gets, and gets along very amicably with his foster siblings. Miley (red rough coat) is a strikingly gorgeous, yet backward, very shy, sweet little thing who shadows Levi's every move, and usually by his side for comfort.

Early on in foster care, we noticed Miley exhibited some very peculiar behavior. Initially we believed this was her way of adjusting to a new environment, however eventually we realized it was much more than a normal adjustment period, and unlike anything we have seen with other dogs new to rescue.

After months of research trying to determine the cause of her odd behavior, and discussion with the veterinarian, it is believed Miley has canine autism, which is similar to human autism, such as being hyper sensitive to human touch, an excessive focus on mundane routines, and displaying stress and high anxiety when even the simplest of routines are changed, or new experiences are introduced.

Miley will never tolerate human physical affection or enjoy snuggling like Levi, but her foster mom has seen love and trust in her eyes. While Miley does not display typical bonding behavior like most dogs, she does express it in the only way she can by being her foster mom's almost constant shadow, yet still cannot tolerate being held except for very short periods of time before her body begins to stiffen, anxiety sets in, and her heart rate increases.

Think of Rain Man and you can somewhat imagine how Miley perceives her unique little world, and why a strict daily routine, stability, and no change to her environment is so very important to her long term well being.

For this reason, it has been decided it is in Miley's best long term interests that this devoted little odd couple remain together in forever foster care with the foster family they bonded with, and where Miley is provided with the daily strict routine and stability she needs to remain calm, happy, and feel loved in her little world. We are certain her life long better half Levi would agree.

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