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  Meet Layla!

March 1, 2020 Update on Miss Layla.

Sweet Layla came to us with multiple health issues. We tackled each one and she came back strong. Her last struggle was just too much for her and we opted to set her free. Layla was loved and adored beyond measure by her foster mom. She touched many hearts along her journey. We are so very thankful to those who helped support Layla's medical expenses and rooted for her along the way. Layla was always loved and was our little princess until the very end.

Update on Miss Layla.

We have some very good news to share with you! Layla tested negative for Cushing’s disease so we are able to move forward with the removal of her bladder stones. This surgery will bring her so much relief from the constant pressure and irritation of the bladder wall from the stones. Layla’s surgery is scheduled for July 17th.

The estimate for her surgery along with biopsies is just shy of $2000. While Layla is under anesthesia they will also take the opportunity to get a good look at her ears, clean them out and will probably re-pack them again.

If you would like to help us with Layla’s vet expenses you can make a donation for her through the link below. Please note your donation is for Layla – 3554. Or, if you’d like you can virtually adopt Layla through our Paws of Winter program.

We will continue to keep you posted on Layla’s progress. Please keep this sweet girl in your thoughts as she takes this journey to help make her the very best she can be.

Through your donations we are able to continue to help those in need that come our way.

Paws of Winter General Fund or Paws of Winter Virtual Caregiver - Recurring.

Please welcome our newest NBGR Paws of Winter (POW) rescue, 12-year-old Layla. Layla was surrendered by her owner, who cited lack of time.

After we picked Layla up, we noticed immediately how bad her ears smelled, her potbelly, and her sparse coat. Even though Layla had recently visited her vet, we knew we needed to get this little girl to a different vet for appropriate care ASAP.

X-rays, bloodwork, an ultrasound, and an echocardiogram revealed that Layla has bladder stones, a grade-three heart murmur, hypertension, a mass on her spleen, and a bacterial infection in her ears that was so extreme the inflammation was closing her ear canals. We also suspect that she has Cushing’s Disease, and she will be tested for that next week. Due to the number of her health issues, Layla is not a candidate for surgery to remove her bladder stones. We are hoping her new diet will help dissolve the stones and give her relief from pressure on her bladder. We also have her on medication for hypertension now.

Layla is being treated and spoiled in her foster home. She has responded well to antibiotics and is showing signs of feeling so much better. We will continue to give her the care she needs to maintain quality of life. She is a precious little girl and deserves our devotion.

Layla and many of our other rescues have extensive vet bills. If you would like to help us with these ongoing expenses, please make a donation via our website. You can donate to our General Fund or POW fund. You can virtually adopt any of our POW kiddos; your donation will be applied to their expenses.

The foster homes that welcome these little ones and our financial donors are the reason we can help Layla and the other rescues that come our way. Thank you for helping us so that we can continue to help them.

We will keep you posted on Layla’s progress.

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