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  Meet Kiko!

National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc. is very excited to finally introduce Kiko in Kansas City! Ladies are you ready to be swept off your feet? If so, this dapper little man is everything you've dreamed of and more!

Our very handsome 11 yr. old - 17 lb. lady's man most definitely prefers the company of women, and will probably always prefer the affection of his one and only, however we feel he would eventually adjust to sharing his lady's affections with a man in the house.

Kiko definitely would not be the right match for a family with young children, however as you can see in his pictures, he likes some older children, but not all. Matching Kiko with a family that includes older children would require a meet and greet before a placement decision could be made.

He is leash trained - loves his daily walks, crate trained, 98% house trained, is a very polite car rider, gets along well with other dogs (is friendly with the neighbor's cat), loves squeaky toys, doing zoomies, and would be in heaven if he could share the big bed at night with his favorite lady.

Kiko has come a long way since leaving his sad life behind in a horrific Mississippi puppy mill 7 months ago! Despite his tragic past, this debonair little guy is eagerly looking forward to his brand new happily ever after!

Our little romeo tested positive for heart worms, and recently completed treatment for heart worms. FOR COSMETIC REASONS ONLY, THE BENIGN GROWTH ON HIS HEAD WILL BE REMOVED OCTOBER 10th, then he will be off to the races ready to sweep the special new lady in his life off her feet and ride off into the sunset to begin their very own fairy tail happy ending!

Kiko had his benign head tumor removed October 10th, along with a getting a dental. Already his coat is growing back in nicely! It won't be long before we will be able to groom him again and really show off just how handsome this boy really is!

(Please note that the photos below this one were taken prior to surgery.)

Kiko is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, on monthly heart worm preventative, had a recent dental and blood work up (normal), and is micro chipped.

Here are some cute videos:  Video 1   Video 2

He is being fostered in a private home in the Kansas City metro area.

We never place dogs in homes reliant on electric or invisible fencing to contain pets. Fencing of this type may or may not keep a dog in the yard, nor does this type of fencing protect pets from predators, free roaming dogs, or people who may enter the yard. Should there be a power outage, the fence would be rendered useless. If a pet were to panic and run through the barrier and take an electrical jolt from the fence, that pet would not be inclined to return home, and could be lost forever.

Please keep in mind that while we prefer to place dogs within reasonable driving distance of where they are being fostered, if someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable and small enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger, or the family must drive to where the dog is being fostered to adopt. We never ship our rescued Griffs or allow them to fly via the cargo hold.

If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application. If you would like more information, please contact Jan at nbgrtexas@yahoo.com.

November 21, 2017


Kiko has been Adopted!

HAPPY ENDINGS ARE THE BEST - THIS IS KIKO'S STORY! (Kiko is on the right in the first picture)

If you follow us on our Facebook page you may remember our story last year about the 4 Mississippi puppy mill Griffs who made the long journey to their foster homes in Kansas City and Springfield, MO. Their long transition from being feral, sick, and very frightened mill survivors to happy little Griff home bodies has not been an easy one, but yesterday Kiko won the grand prize by receiving his very own happily ever after when he was finally placed in the arms of his new family!

The pictures below depict part of Kiko's journey with 3 other Griffs beginning with the day he was adopted and going back to the day he left the Mississippi puppy mill in February 2016.

Please join us in congratulating Kiko, his new parents Lee & Carol Morgan along with their other NBGR alumni Chrissy, and thanking his amazing foster mom, Christine Moore, who with much love and patience brought this once very frightened little guy full circle to the happy well adjusted Griff he is today!

A very special thank you goes out to Lynne Russel, Megan TB, Houston & Angie Schooler, and Christine Moore who each took legs of the long transport starting in Mississippi to deliver the 4 mill Griffs to their foster homes! Without our dedicated volunteers, NBGR could not continue saving Griffs in need, and helping each of them along the way to their special happy endings!

Not only did each of the 4 Griffs need to learn all about living a normal life from scratch, but Kiko & Mikey came to us heart worm positive, so had to endure the very arduous and dangerous treatment for heart worms to survive.

You've read Kiko's entire story on this page. You can learn about the other 3 Griffs who made the journey with him at these links: Trixie & Lexi and Mikey

Back for more rescue stories!


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