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  Meet Haystack Webster!

Haystack was found as a stray on the streets of Laredo. He was taken straight to the vet by the shelter because of the condition of his eyes. Haystack is completely blind in one eye and has limited vision of motion in the other. (Imagine looking through a muddy windshield.) He must have drops/ointment in his eyes three times a day to keep them medicated and moist.

Haystack is sweet and very loveable. He gets along with the dogs in his foster home; even though his foster sister can be a bit bitchy, he still wants to be her friend. He loves to play with fuzzy squeaky toys and easily entertains himself. When Haystack first came to his foster home, he didnít know what a treat was. Now he will come when treats are being passed out and will sit for his treat without prompting.

He is gentle, quiet, loves to be held like a baby, sleeps close to wherever you are sitting, and follows you everywhere. He insists on sleeping in the big bed, sometimes on your head, sometimes by your side, sometimes at the foot of the bed. He wakes his foster mom up in the mornings with sweet kisses and a wagging tail.

The perfect family for Haystack would be one that has at least one furry friend who will play with him and help show him the way. We need a family who will be dedicated to administering his eye meds three times a day and to taking him to an ophthalmologist for follow-up visits as needed. You have to be Haystackís eyes when walking and watch for anything that he might walk into. Remember, he canít see objects in front of him that could potentially injure his eyes further.

Haystack oriented to the layout of his foster home quickly. He occasionally misjudges and bumps into a wall or furniture, but overall he navigates well. A home with limited level changes would be nice. He does well with single steps and curbs; his foster family gives him a heads-up when a step up or down is coming by saying ďstepĒ.

Haystack does not like to be in crates, but he does well when contained behind a gate in his foster home. Heís a climber so you have to take that into consideration when selecting a barrier. His foster family is home every day and have not left Haystack confined alone. The times he has been confined behind a barrier while the foster family is home, Haystack has waited patiently by the gate.

Haystack is trustworthy on house training as long as heís taken out frequently. As a precaution, he wears a belly band in his foster home. When he needs to go out, he does his best to let you know; you just have to pay attention.

Another thing we are asking is that Haystack goes to a home without a swimming pool. He will walk straight into a pool. He does not swim well, and he would not be able to see to find an exit.

We donít know who Haystackís previous family was. They neglected his eyes, but this boy was loved. We will never know how he ended up on the streets of Laredo, but we are thankful he was brought to our attention by previous NBGR adopters. Our promise to them and to Haystack is that his next family will be beyond awesome and that they will love, protect, and value him as a family member.

We estimate Haystack to be five or six years old. He weighs 16 lb., is neutered, and is up to date on vaccinations.

Since Haystack is not crazy about being in a crate we would prefer that he be adopted within a short distance from his foster home.

You can see additional photos of Haystack here:

Haystack is being fostered in Dallas, TX

If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application. If you would like more information, please contact Holly at hpruitt4@yahoo.com.

August 12, 2020


Haystack Webster has been Adopted!

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