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  Meet Cubby!

NBGR's strikingly handsome Cubby is an active, funny, playful and endearing 3 yr. old - 12 lb. quirky yet loveable Griff boy available near Davenport, Iowa.


Here are some cute videos of Cubby: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5, Video 6

Specifically he is patiently waiting for a very dog savvy family well versed in positive reinforcement training, and experienced in dealing with dogs exhibiting fear based behaviors.

While Cubby might not be the perfect dog for many, and some of his fear behavior may or may not ever be fully overcome, we know with certainty that his perfect someone is out there eagerly waiting to welcome him into their life with open arms.

As his foster mom can attest, if you are willing to work with him patiently and diligently, he will reward you ten fold with a lifetime of love and devotion.


(1) Calm adult only home with a female as the primary caretaker
(2) No children
(3) A female caretaker who is home with him most of the time
(4) Very secure 6 foot privacy fencing - no exceptions
(5) Secure gates/barriers at interior doors leading outside to prevent escape
(6) He is a bolter and extreme flight risk with very poor recall
(7) No large dogs in the home
(8) Cannot be an only dog
(9) Needs other small well balanced dogs for companionship and play time
(10) Will not walk on lead - shuts down Hopefully his fear of walking on lead will improve with time, but no guarantees
(11) No dog park visits
(12) Easily spooked indoors by quick movements and unexpected noise but usually recovers quickly
(13) Is not a good travel companion or a candidate for boarding if you go on vacation. Vehicles and new environments frighten him.
(14) Adoptive home within reasonable driving distance of Davenport, Iowa


(1) Loves Strawberry Outshine Popsicle snacks
(2) Exceedingly handsome, loving, playful, and charming cuddle bug
(3) Loves playing in the backyard rain, snow or shine (4) Very social and friendly with equally playful small dogs
(5) Loves hanging out on the couch and play before sleeping in the big bed at night
(6) Perfectly house trained in his foster home

Cubby is being fostered near Davenport, Iowa.

If you would enjoy a rewarding challenge with a totally irresistible, loveable, and captivating heart throb then Cubby just might be the perfect little guy to make your life complete. To hurry that process along, we would encourage you to fill out our Adoption Application
. If you would like more information about our fascinating little guy, please contact Jan at nbgrtexas@yahoo.com.

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