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  Meet Chica!

Please join National Brussels Griffon Rescue, Inc. as we congratulate our sweet little Chica as she dances off to her very own happily ever after in the loving arms of her new mom and dad - Mary Kate Boyle & Rob Patka!

Mary Kate & Rob also adopted Beppe in 2015 and Zeke in 2018 who joined their first Griff Jake! In addition to Mary Kate & Rob being multiple NBGR adopters, they are also dedicated NBGR volunteers who are always ready to help at a moment's notice!

Chica was an owner surrender who came to us in May 2018 with a very severe case of luxating patellas and dangerously high cholesterol. However because she was very over weight for her size at 12.5 lbs, it was necessary that she lose 1/3 of her body weight before the much needed corrective surgery could be done, but first the first priority was getting her dangerously high cholesterol under control.

From May 2018 until July 2018 she was fostered in Columbia, MO by long time NBGR volunteer Krista Huscher who worked closely with the nutrition experts at the University of Missouri Veterinary College to bring Chica's high cholesterol under control.

When Chica's cholesterol was finally under control, a transport was set up to move Chica to her more long term foster family (Mary Kate & Rob) near Chicago, where corrective surgery on her knees would be done. Krista transported Chica to John Keehn in Illinois (another NBGR adopter and volunteer) who then took the last leg of Chica's transport to Mary Kate & Rob.

On the way, Chica charm could not be denied! She had John wrapped around his little finger within a few short hours. He very seriously considered adopting her himself. To this day he still asks about her.

Mary Kate & Rob worked diligently with Chica to help her lose the extra pounds so she could finally have much needed corrective surgery on her knees. By December 2018 she was down to 8 lbs and bilateral knee surgery was successfully performed.

In the months leading up to her corrective surgery, our irrepressible happy go lucky little Chica quickly changed the dynamics in Mary Kate & Rob's home - but in a very good way! Prior to joining her new foster family, the other 3 Griffs - while getting along okay - did not always care one way or the other about hanging out with each other, but Chica changed all that. It seems her happy fun loving ways were contagious. Within a very short amount of time all 4 Griffs were one happy little pack.

Not only that, but Chica quickly stole Mary Kate & Rob's hearts, however she and Rob formed a very special connection - Chica became his heart dog, and he became one very doting and proud papa, so it was no surprise when they made the decision to formally adopt her - We were ecstatic!

But wait - there's more good news! When Chica finally reached her ideal weight of 8 lbs, it was time to schedule her for the very expensive bilateral corrective knee surgery, but Mary Kate & Rob insisted on covering the cost of $2108.98!!!! We were dumb founded with their generosity!

Normally NBGR would have covered the bill, placed her with an adoptive family for a more reasonable adoption donation of $400 to $500 dollars, absorbed the difference, then hoped and prayed we would receive other donations to cover the balance for her and other foster dogs in need of very expensive veterinary care.

Without a doubt, Chica hit the jack pot with Mary Kate & Rob - for sure she is very much loved and has brought much love and cohesiveness into their little Griffy family! It's all gravy from here on out for Chica! This is one happy ending story that will be long remembered!

If you would like to help NBGR help Griffs in need, any donation large or small will be very much appreciated. All donations go directly to the care of our rescued Griffs. We are an all volunteer 501c3 not for profit organization with no paid employees or overhead such as offices or kennels.

Our rescued Griffs are cared for in the homes of our volunteers. All donations go to a general account to cover veterinary expenses and are tax deductible. Donations can be made via PayPal or check. This link provides further information to make a donation http://www.brusselsgriffonrescue.org/help.html

We thank you and all the Griffs in our care thank you!

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