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  Meet Chewy!

February 8, 2015 - Update!

Despite the sad events in Chewy's life this past year, it seems Karma had bigger and better plans in store for Chewy, and today Karma revealed Chewy's reward for never giving up and always holding on to hope! He hit the jack pot today when the forever family he's always dreamed of drove 3 hours one way to adopt this adorable little guy! Chewy very happily got in the truck for the ride home as though he knew this is the family he was always destined to be with! We think he is right! Miracles really do happen for those who do not give up hope!

A huge thanks to Chewy's foster family, Sarah, Kyle and Skye, who opened their hearts and home to this little man at the exact moment he needed a soft place to land until his perfect forever family could be found. Without foster families like theirs, NBGR could not continue guiding Griffs in need on their path to finding their perfect forever homes!

Congratulations to Chewy and his new family, Vince & Kimberly, along with his new 4 legged sisters, Zesty Zue and Gracie! We thank you for welcoming him into your life, and most of all, simply loving this spunky little guy!!

Has your heart been yearning for your very own little huggy bear to snuggle with on those long, lonely, bitterly cold winter nights? Are you an early riser who eagerly looks forward to starting your day at the break of dawn? Chewy does too! He would fit right in with your life style! Have you ever envisioned a strikingly handsome, debonair little guy accompany you to the office, or an exceedingly charming main squeeze share in your adventures while traveling the country side? Do you have another small dog who dreams of the perfect companion? Well, wait no more! Chewy is the little prince charming you're family has been dreaming of!

Sadly, through absolutely no fault of his own, this sweet little guy's world has been turned up side down one too many times this year. His most recent history that we know of is he somehow ended up in a shelter in April of 2014, was transferred to another shelter, adopted the same month, lived with that family for a few short months until the parents realized their children were too rough with him. That family listed him on Craig's List. He was quickly adopted by yet another family, who then relinquished him to NBGR with a very heavy heart because they quickly realized they could not provide the attention this affectionate little man deserves in addition to the needs of the other 3 dogs they already had.

This brave little man has loved and lost enough times to make a lesser dog give up, yet this endearing, sweet little guy has not given up on love! He continues to hope and dream of the miraculous day when his new family will walk into his life: the family who will love him forever, and never EVER worry again about losing his family, or having his heart broken again. In return Chewy will shower his new family with unconditional love and devotion, through thick and thin, for all the days of his life! If you want a forever buddy, and are willing and able to assure Chewy is never uprooted again, please do not delay in submitting your adoption application right away! Chewy is a definite keeper! Don't be disappointed by waiting and missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to welcome this little guy into your life!

And one more thing: Chewy would like you to know he loves eggs, peanut butter, plain pumpkin puree, brats and graham cracker snacks, but just a little at a time. He doesn't want that buff little body of his to turn in to a roll of fat! But who can resist indulging this endearing Griffy boy? His foster family certainly could not. They very quickly become very smitten with him (just as his new family will), so they do spoil him just a little bit. Chewy asked that it be known that he will most definitely insist on the same little luxuries being provided to him by his new forever family. AND that he will be welcomed into the big bed at night. But rest assured Chewy understands love is a two way street! He PROMISES to make all the little extras you indulge upon him well worth the extra expense and time. The unconditional love and devotion he will shower upon you is guaranteed to be priceless...actually nothing less than a wondrous, magical gift straight from heaven!

So, if your home offers a stress free, calm environment, someone in your household will be home most of the time to keep Chewy company, small children are not part of your day to day life and will not be in the future, you have another small dog in need of a companion, you will not take offense when Chewy barks to let you know he's ready for breakfast or dinner, or yap to let you know you are not paying enough attention to him, would love to hear his adorable Griffy "purrs" when he's content (especially with belly rubs),and you are willing, ready and able to welcome this perfect little boo bear into your life forever and ever, then Chewy just might be the one for you!

If you would like more information about Chewy, please contact Jan at nbgrtexas@yahoo.com or submit your Adoption Application as soon as possible if you are excited about Chewy becoming a treasured member of your family forever and ever!

Chewy is approximately 5 yrs. old, just under 12 lbs., neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heart worm negative, on heart worm preventative, and micro chipped.

Chewy is being lovingly fostered in a private home in Prairie Village, Kansas (suburb of Kansas City).

If you are interested in adoption please fill out our Adoption Application. If you would like more information, please contact Jan at nbgrtexas@yahoo.com.

Keep in mind that we prefer to place dogs within driving distance of where they are being fostered. If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get the dog and that can only happen if the dog is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger.

February 8, 2015


Chewy has been Adopted!

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