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  Meet Bella Rosa!

Little Miss Bella came to NBGR as an owner surrender 4 years ago. She had been surrendered for snapping at the new baby and the nanny. Bella’s last owner had not been her first family. As a puppy she grew up with a family with rough young boys so this would be the third time she’d been rehomed. She was understandably confused and scared to death. She arrived shaved to the skin in order to control fleas. Bella attached herself right away to her foster and snapped at everyone but her. We had our work cut out for us and knew that she would need a very special and patient adopter. Bella received some interest and applications from great adopters, but we began to realize that she had some pretty extensive health issues such as a weak back end, periodic incontinence and, more importantly, seizures. Once her health and behavioral issues became evident it was decided that she would live out her life with the foster family she came to trust. She is loved and cared for and can rest assured she will not move again.

The veterinarian believes Bella may have suffered an injury to her back years ago which causes her to have weak back legs. We suspect this condition may worsen over time. Bella’s seizures are well controlled on medication, her periodic incontinence has greatly improved, but she still struggles with the smallest of changes to her routine or environment. As long as her environment is quiet and routine, Bella has learned to relax and even play at times!

Bella is a member of our Paws of Winter (POW) group and is only available for virtual adoption. Donations from virtual adopters help us cover any ongoing medical needs.

If you would like to help Bella and our other POW members, you can make a one-time general donation; or to virtually adopt a specific dog, you can make a recurring donation by visiting this link: http://www.brusselsgriffonrescue.org/paypal-donations.html.

August 12, 2020


Bella Rosa has been Adopted!

When we first got her, Bella had been shaved down to the skin in an effort to solve a flea problem. She was naked and definitely afraid! I put her in my lap for the ride home and she immediately saw me as her "person." From that minute on, she was on the clock -- constantly protecting me from anyone she perceived as an intruder. She remains a tireless bodyguard for me to this day.

We fostered Bella with every intention of finding her a perfect home. Yes, she had some issues like periodic urinary incontinence, a wobbly and weak back end from a possible old back injury, nipping at every house guest and barking for hours after they left, but she had come a long way. As soon as we got her on the website for adoption...she had multiple seizures. Her timing was impeccable. I swear she knew what was coming. She may be a bit "different" but she is no dummy! It had become increasingly obvious that our crazy little girl was very sensitive to the slightest change, and we didn't want to put her through any more than she'd already been through. We loved Bella and she was a part of our family and our little island of misfit dogs. It was decided that she would stay as a permanent foster.

During Bella's most recent health issue, we became even more bonded. She had a corneal abrasion and required medications every 2 hours around the clock, along with constant supervision, to ensure she didn't rupture that eye. We eventually had to have her eye removed, and even though she felt terrible, she seemed to love the extra attention and lap time. I have to admit that I loved it too.

We'd thought about making it official and adopting Bella before. She'd been a part of our family for 4 years. The time seemed right. She will never notice the difference between foster and adoption, but we will. Every dog deserves to be a loved, permanent family member. Bella still has medical issues that need to be addressed but we're happy to take over from here. NBGR has been wonderful, and we were incredibly touched by the generous donors who cared enough about a funny little dog they'd never met to donate to her eye surgery. She's an odd, quirky, little one-eyed dog, but we're happy to say she's OUR odd, quirky, little one-eyed dog: Bella the permanent Pruitt.

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