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  Meet Archie & Zeke!
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If you have ever considered fostering or adopting please take the time to read this feel good story, but first we ask that you join us in congratulating Mary Kate Boyle & Rob Patka and Mike Dianovsky along with 2 adorable little Griffs named Zeke & Archie as they embark on their brand new happily ever afters which officially began when Mary Kate & Rob adopted Zeke and Mike adopted Archie.

I think this may be a first for one of our foster families to adopt one of their foster Griffs on the same day their other foster Griff was also adopted by a wonderful family. As you can see in the pictures it was a very joyful occasion, and we could not be happier for them!

Their story is long but well worth the read with 2 very happy endings! It all began in late February when we were notified about Zeke who landed in a Chicago shelter after living the first 2 years of his life in a mill/pet store operation that was shut down in Tennessee. We do not have many fosters in the Chicago area so were in a bit of a quandary as to how we could help Zeke, but then Mary Kate came to the rescue.

Mary Kate previously adopted Beppe from NBGR. She lived about an hour's drive from the shelter, but she had never fostered before and had limited experience helping a frightened mill survivor who had no concept of what it is like to live a normal life in a home with people who love them.

None the less Mary Kate rose to the occasion and without hesitation said she would be happy to help. In the blink of an eye she was at the shelter to bring Zeke home and begin their journey together. She was a quick study in learning how to properly socialize a backwards mill survivor, and we couldn't be more grateful and proud of her!

Just 2 weeks later we were notified another Griff was in need of help at the same shelter and from the same mill/pet store operation in Tennessee that Zeke came from. Once again Mary Kate came to the rescue, picked Archie up from the shelter, and began the same process of helping Archie learn all about life and love with a family who loved him.

Archie came to Mary Kate a bit backwards, but he had an innate zest for life and it was obvious from the beginning that he was anxious to learn how to give and receive love.His only issue was over coming his extreme anxiety of riding in a car.

True to form, Mary Kate rose to the task of helping Archie overcome this issue, and soon he was ready to begin his journey to find his very own happily ever after.

However Zeke had more serious fear and socialization issues to over come than Archie, but with Mary Kate's constant love, patience, and positive reinforcement training Zeke has made amazing progress.

Along the way Mary Kate & Rob fell head over heels in love with both Zeke & Archie. They considered adopting both of the boys, but if they did 4 Griffs in their home would hinder their ability to help future Griffs in need of safe haven, so they decided to adopt Zeke who is the more needy of the two and still has some issues to overcome, and allow Archie who had progressed very well over coming his past to find the perfect new family who could make each of his happily ever after wishes comes true.

As fate would have it, Mike who adopted Kip & Maddie from NBGR in 2016 contacted us about Archie. Tragically he had lost his Griff boy Linus to cancer in October 2017 which left a huge hole in Mike's heart. When he saw Archie's picture and read his story he knew Archie just might be the little boy he had been searching for.

After Mary Kate and Mike discussed in more detail the possibility of Archie traveling to South Dakota to join Mike's family, it was decided that Mike's home was the perfect one for Archie. A few weeks later Mike flew all the way to Chicago to adopt Archie and bring him home.

It seems destiny aligned with the stars to bring Mike and Archie together and no doubt Linus is at the bridge watching over them with his full approval.

Mike said Archie was a rock star, charming everyone he met at the airport and slept peacefully in his Sherpa bag at Mike's feet in the cabin of the plane during their flight home to South Dakota. This would not have been possible without Mary Kate's amazing job of helping Archie over come his travel anxiety, and Mike's calm reassuring demeanor.

As often happens with our foster and adoptive families, a new friendship was born, and no doubt they will keep in contact from time to time sharing happy updates over the years - it just doesn't get any better than this!

Zeke will be sharing his life with 2 very handsome Griffs by the name of Jake and Beppe. Archie will share his new life with 2 very sweet Griffs by the name of Kip & Maddie, a loveable Basset Hound by the name of Sheldon, and 2 cats who Archie has quickly made friends with.

Happy endings are the best and NBGR cannot thank Mary Kate & Rob and Mike enough for helping us make Zeke & Archie's dreams of a happy forever after come true!

NBGR is always in need of more foster homes! All we ask of our foster families is to provide a safe, nurturing, loving home environment and provide a high quality diet until we are able to find the perfect forever home for the foster Griff. NBGR pays for all veterinary and grooming expenses while the Griff is is foster care - and sometimes, like Mary Kate & Rob, you just might find the perfect new addition for your family along the way.

If you are interested in helping NBGR save lives by becoming part of our nationwide network of foster families, our foster home application can be found on the upper left side of our home page at http://www.brusselsgriffonrescue.org

It truly takes a village to save a Griff, but one by one, together we can make a very positive difference in the lives of so many!

April 25, 2018


Archie & Zeke have been Adopted!

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